It is all About Balance

Being in good health means being in balance. Chiropractic restores structural balance. It helps to ensure optimal performance of the nervous system. Rather than thinking of disease as something that just randomly invades a healthy body, chiropractors think of disease as evolving when all of the components for good health are not present. For a body to be healthy there must be good genetics, good structural balance, good nutrition, biorhythmic integrity and good emotional health. When these base components are out of balance, it sets the stage for disease.

Traditional Western medicine deals with symptoms. When symptoms are severe or dangerous, you absolutely need to address them. If you get hit by a car, you may want the trauma team to work on you rather than have someone give you calcium to help you bones to heal. Chronic health problem, however, are best addressed by natural health care. If you find the underlying cause, you can improve symptoms without creating side-effects with drugs. Acid reflux, for example, can be relieved with a drug; but finding and addressing the cause, without drugs is better for your long-term health. This is true of most chronic conditions.

Balancing the body’s chemistry with nutrition is an effective way to restore health. Looking at a blood chemistry from a nutritional perspective gives us a lot of information about your health. Even “normal” blood chemistries hold clues. Watch this video to learn more:

Chronic health problems respond well to holistic care. Gastric reflux, for example can be controlled with a drug—complete with side effects. The holistic practitioner will look at the problem as the digestive system telling you that something is wrong and try to come up with a therapy that addresses the cause of the problem. The holistic care will not have side effects and it will ultimately help more serious problems from developing.

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