Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Tight muscles? Recent neck or back injury? Allow us to introduce electrical muscle stimulation, a non-invasive treatment that can relieve pain in less than 30 minutes. At South West Sport & Spinal Rehab, we love EMS as both a complementary and stand-alone treatment. Our doctor, Dr. Yelena Potekhin, is constantly working to find the best treatments for your spine, muscle, and joint issues, and she would be happy to discuss how it works with you. Come visit us in Tinley Park, or read below to learn a little more about this therapy.

What Is Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)? 

As the name would suggest, electrical muscle stimulation involves sending a small electrical current into your muscles to help them perform light contractions. Regular muscle contractions, such as those required to move, run, and lift weights, are the results of electric activity stimulated by signals from your brain and the connected nerves. As the signal travels from your brain to your muscle, the motor neurons innervating your muscles trigger a cascade of events that contract and relax the muscle tissue. EMS uses the same concept, although from an external source rather than your own brain. Your chiropractor will place sticky pads at specific locations around the muscle causing you trouble, and these small currents lead to short contractions that cause a tingling sensation. These contractions eventually wear out tired muscles as well as nerves, causing them to relax and the pain to subside.

What To Expect From Electrical Muscle Stimulation

As treatment typically runs from 5-20 minutes, depending on the reason and issue, we handle everything in the office during your appointment. You’ll lie down comfortably, and we’ll strategically stick electrode pads on your skin. Whenever you’re ready, we’ll turn the machine on, which sends an electrical current into the pads and therefore your muscle, causing small contractions. Current levels can vary based on the injury/issue being treated as well as patient comfort, but we’ll always check in with you to make sure it feels just right. Sensations experienced include tingling, numbness, slight prickling, and even larger muscle contractions (such as shrugging your shoulders). While it may feel strange your first time, most patients enjoy electrical muscle stimulation as the novel feeling subsides and they settle into pain relief. 

Schedule an appointment for electrical muscle stimulation today

Whether you’re experiencing acute pain, chronic pain, or just want a great way to recover from tough workouts, we’re ready to set you up with electrical muscle stimulation when you are. Get in touch with Dr. Potekhin at South West Sport & Spinal Rehab today to schedule an appointment at our Tinley Park, IL  office. Just call (708) 532-0000 to get started!

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